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My website has been hacked!! Help me!

Act immediately, but don’t panic.

You must react fast when you find your website has been hacked. Your website might be either been banned or throw away from Google search results or your host provider suspend your websites which held up in huge business loss and also it damages the reputations of services/products badly. Nothing there to panic, acts immediately to repair them by calling us before it damages completely.


Advanced Removal Techniques

Fix all your website with simple and cost effective steps with TixeGeek. We are team of experts who can protect websites from hackers. Protect your websites now!

Advanced Scanning

Advance scanning methods to breakdown vulnerabilities & attackers code.

Fix Websites

Fixing different type of vulnerabilities on websites and restoring.

Global System and Secure

An efficient global system enabled to protect your data efficiently.

Hacked Websites

Why hackers hacked my website?

There are millions of websites hacked every day and every seconds. Hackers intend to penetrate into your website to steal your sensitive information. Think off, there are top website such as NASA, NY Times , Sony and other companies who spend over millions of dollars on providing security to their websites but still they have hacked.

Most often, people use to consider having wordpress and joomla as a CMS to manage their websites. In specific these websites are easy for hackers to attack and get root level access to your hosting accounts. We clean over fifty and more domains every single month over the past 6years. We generally fix your hacked websites in couple of hours, to save your business and reduce your stress on getting blacklisted.

Attackers use to work mostly on targeting large or medium business with good business reputations to steal sensitive information such us card details and much more. In general, small business always have low security server and which usually not been monitored closely as like larger websites. These websites are being victim of attackers and the websites with low security are easy to hide phishing software.

Hack Prevention

Why should I react fast?

Your website may penalize, if you fails to react immediately. Search engines are very keen on monitoring behaviors of every single websites actively. Anything on users end can report that your website has been hacked and show the below message on reaching your websites.

Blacklist Checking

There is a website called which allows you to check the blacklisted websites and ip associated with it. Blacklisting of ip or domain really bad and hurts your business reputations.

Clean your website immediately to avoid being victim of blacklisting; if your website is already on blacklist list then it takes more time and effort to restore them. Once it is been restored your website will perform well in search engines. If you fails to monitor the hacked websites for the long time, then your website content will look annoying and Google search results which shows that the “website is compromised”.


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