WordPress Hack Removal Techniques

There are different type of hack and infection that can be fixed with the below flows that includes malicious code, backdoor and spam. We have updated this article on Friday September 21st, 2018 with new trending infection types.

WordPress CMS is secured but due to some core files and other plugin vulnerabilities, it will forced to be a victim of attackers. TixeGeek experts compare your hacked files and restore the secured or backup version. TixeGeek removes every single vulnerable script manually.

Hacker history 2

How to find whether my site is hacked or not?

Sometime, people use to think that they are hacked without proper checking.

Your author may also spam your website to get links out, so make sure that you have properly inspected to know whether you have hacked or not.

How to confirm Website Hack? WEBSITE HACK

There are simple steps that helps you confirm the hacking issue. In specific your site behave strange and enclosed with additional links & contents.

Ways to find hacked websites:

  • You may see that some additional codes added on header or footer to adverts some of the illegal or blacklisted products. In general attackers use to inject their script to include their content on background, which can’t be seen with normal eye. Search engines such as google , bing or yahoo can able to detect this issues easily and shows their users that you have been hacked.
  • Type “site:domain.com” without double quote on search engine like Google and check the results pages to know whether any unauthorized content appears on your sites.
  • If you have good reputation, then your user may notify you saying that they have been redirected to different websites that has spammy content. Also, if you receive an email from your hosting company saying that you are overusing the email resources, then it confirms that your domain is been hacked.
  • We TixeGeek detects and resolves many of these problems. Take a close look at our alerts to get updates.

Steps to do while you confirm that you are hacked:

Backup Your websites:

  • At first you need to backup complete website immediately. You may either use FTP or your Cpanel backup wizards to download them. If you don’t have access for your cpanel please contact your host provider.
  • If you are using wordpress CMS then, you may download the backup of website through backup plugin.

Reason why you should take the backup immediately:

  • Your hosting provider get an alert that your website has subspecies contents
  • Your host provider might delete entire sites immediately to avoid further spreading.

Ensure that you should have complete website backup with your database to restore them later after removing and blocking hacker scripts. Once you get your backup files, you are ready to work on cleaning your sites.

What you should do before you start the cleaning of your WordPress site?

Here are the simple rules you must follow while cleaning your site:

  • You may delete anything you want to delete on the following folder wp-content/plugins/ since it can be restored simply by reinstalling the theme or wordpress.
  • Now wp-content/themes is the directory where usually your installed theme will present. If you have “child theme” then you might have two folders on theme directory.