Website Protection

Advanced web Protection Techniques to save your Business

Hacking makes your domain to loss traffic from search engines which directly reflect on your business profit.

We’d prefer to protect you from a hack attack rather than pick up the pieces afterwards. Getting hacked is stressful and costly. As you can imagine, your home screen will be far more effective at converting sales than this one.

Protecting website from hacker will be the right choice; instead of picking hacked codes once after getting hacked. Getting hacked will really give you hard experiences that create stressful days on your business. Of course, the cost for fixing hacked domain will cost you higher.


CMS Security & Vulnerablity

Most of the business domains build using popular CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. Yes, it looks great and save your time on development of your domain. Just a click and replace is all that you need to do for developing your website.

Definitely, CMS saves your time and money but you are forced to use the security setup for protection, since these CMS are mostly the targets of hackers. Here are the steps to protect you being a victim of attackers/hackers.

How to protect your websites?

Website Monitoring

Keep monitor and delete all unnecessary users


Don’t share your credentials or don’t provide administrator privilege unless until it is necessary.

Delete Unnecessary Files

Do not keep any unused plugins or theme components, simply delete it.

Plugin Vulnerablity

Try to avoid using plugins for every single activities,

Nulled Themes

Avoid using half build themes to try on your servers.

Wordpress Username

Avoid using “Admin” as the username.

server cleanup

What can we do to protect your websites?

We restrict users or attackers by disable access to core CMS Files.

We monitor and tight your website weakness on your CMS.

Our automated system will block the users who try to break your passwords.

Banning IP’s who continues try to break your passwords.

Only you will get access or providing limited IP to access admin panels.

Setting up Brute force attack prevention on your server.

Hiding admin path after working hours.

Frequent Malware scanning

Don’t be victim of hackers start protecting your domains from hacker now by simply dialing (805) 755 5579 and start discussing about our plan.

Additional Website Security Measures:

Other than server side security monitoring and updates, we can also help you hardening your website security through hosting level. (We assist you on doing this) There are so many things as to be discussed with host providers.

Using complicated passwords:

There are so many factors considered at the time of hacking in that easiest one is cracking the simple passwords. It’s very simple for the password cracking software to find your passwords simple visit here . Make sure, that you should have very strong password to enhance the website security.

Tools are capable of cracking your passwords in the way your password generator think on your hosting accounts. It usually generate with simple key so, tools can easily break down them. It can try all the usernames, business name, etc., to quickly guess your account.

I can’t remember complicated passwords!

When we create passwords on websites or any accounts we asked to use combinations of passwords that should at-least have few special characters, upper and lower cases. But remembering this entire password will be really difficult; this would be the major reason why people choose week passwords on their names.

The world is very competitive and you can’t bear with remembering of passwords. You must remember your passwords to be safe out of everyone. Have something handy by writing your username and passwords with olden day methods of writing on papers.


Advanced Removal Techniques

Fix all your website with simple and cost effective steps with TixeGeek. We are team of experts who can protect websites from hackers. Protect your websites now!

Advanced Scanning

Advance scanning methods to breakdown vulnerabilities & attackers code.

Fix Websites

Fixing different type of vulnerabilities on websites and restoring.

Global System and Secure

An efficient global system enabled to protect your data efficiently.