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With the purchase of one of our hosting contracts, all our clients get free website security and tracking services. You don’t have to think about the hacking on your website because of the loophole on another website hosted on the same domain. Every day, we track and search all the files hosted on our servers. With our security antivirus and behavior tracking apps, all our servers are installed. All the hosting packages run on the new memory-loaded cloud technologies, fast processors and best-in-breed hard drives.

100% Hackers Free

Advanced hosting security

We search all the files for viruses, backdoors and questionable files as soon as you sign up for one of our hosting plans and upload the files to our server. The next move is to set up tracking tools and begin monitoring your CMS core files for all changes. Our security experts have built up a firewall that will prevent the website from potential threats. So, you get quick and safe web hosting and 100% security from attacks by viruses and hackers. We search your files for ransomware every day and if any of the files appear strange, our security team will review them and patch them if needed.

Advanced Scanning

Advance scanning methods to breakdown vulnerabilities & attackers code.

Fix Websites

Fixing different type of vulnerabilities on websites and restoring.

Global System and Secure

An efficient global system enabled to protect your data efficiently.

Advanced Web hosting

Why Choose Us?

You’ll never have to think about your website being compromised again if you want to go with our safe web hosting. You get fast web hosting and the price already includes a REAL website security package.

Our security specialists and engineers are more than willing to help you identify and delete any malware and backdoors from your website at no added cost, even if your website gets hacked. To deter potential threats, we’ll patch all the vulnerabilities and backdoors on your website.

You may have read the news of hackers seeking a ransom from Dublin’s tram system if you’ve been online lately. The hackers’ message threatening to reveal the stolen information was accepted by visitors to the Luas website until they were paying one Bitcoin (about 3,300 Euros or US $3,800). While the message itself seemed to be innocent, the irony is that the hackers might have used the domain to distribute ransomware or phishing attempts just as easily.

Things such as this illustrate the importance of the protection of web hosting. If you own a website for a personal passion project or are the web host of many organizations of different sizes, protection should be at the top of the checklist. You will not only be defending yourself, but, most importantly, your customers, clients and guests, with proper web hosting protection.

Hack Prevention

Why should I react fast?

Your website may penalize, if you fails to react immediately. Search engines are very keen on monitoring behaviors of every single websites actively. Anything on users end can report that your website has been hacked and show the below message on reaching your websites.

Blacklist Checking

There is a website called which allows you to check the blacklisted websites and ip associated with it. Blacklisting of ip or domain really bad and hurts your business reputations.

Clean your website immediately to avoid being victim of blacklisting; if your website is already on blacklist list then it takes more time and effort to restore them. Once it is been restored your website will perform well in search engines. If you fails to monitor the hacked websites for the long time, then your website content will look annoying and Google search results which shows that the “website is compromised”.

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